Saturday, March 7, 2015

Night Tide

I'm sure there's no such thing as "Southern California Beach Gothic," but if there were, Curtis Harrington's theatrical motion picture Night Tide (61) would be an excellent example of it.

A very, very young Dennis Hopper plays a sailor who falls in love with a mysterious girl named Mora.  She works as a mermaid in Santa Monica and her last two boyfriends died mysteriously.

Hopper doesn't care- he's young (very very young), kind of naive, and Mora is very beautiful.

Of course, things go bad- it's a Harrington movie that has to be a tragedy.

It's a slow paced piece, dreamy in it's presentation, Hopper, a small town boy from Colorado, in a strange place, the ocean side, meeting strange people, mermaids and psychics.

It's an original script by Harrington, and it seems to be more personal than his later work.  It's from AIP so there's a serious Corman vibe to it, especially in the coffeehouse jazz scene.

This concludes Harrington week... until I can find copies of his tv shows- including Charlie's Angels.