Sunday, March 1, 2015


   Back to blogging.  February wasn't a stellar month for me, but now it's March, and I'm starting with a series of movies by the director Curtis Harrington.
    I watched his "What's the Matter With Helen?" back in December and was impressed with the mad over the top-ness of the story.
    Tonight, I watched Ruby (1977),  starring Piper Laurie as Ruby, a woman who saw her mobster boyfriend killed by his criminal associates, the night she gave birth to his daughter.  Sixteen years later, she's running a drive in movie theatre with those men, who have given up their lives of crime to help her.

And then there's her daughter, Leslie, deaf and mute... and possessed by her father.

He blames the men for his death and he's taking his vengeance from beyond the grave one by one, in quite spectacular fashion- he hangs a man in the projection booth of the drive-in with film .  Another man he puts inside a drink machine.  Fun stuff.

Piper Laurie claws her way through this movie, over acting to 11, and since she used to be a showgirl, she even gets a musical number.

Roger Davis, from Dark Shadows and Alias Smith and Jones, plays a doctor trying to treat Leslie.