Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fun and Games

Well, who knew there were vintage gameshows on youtube?

 Last night I watched Double Dare (12.29.76) with a pre-Jeopardy Alec Trebek.  Not a quiz show I was familiar with, I was actually impressed with how hard some of the clues were (for example, I'd forgotten Alexander Jackson's assassination attempt).

Later we saw an episode of The $25,000 Pyramid (5.17.78) with John Ritter, from Three's Company wearing a shirt open to the sternum. Between the two gameshows, I watched Rattlers (1978), which didn't disappoint... it was a killer snake movie from the seventies, impossible to screw up.  As a matter of fact, it surprised me, beginning with the (off screen) deaths of two kids in the desert at the hands of snakes- you just don't kill kids in Nature Runs Amok horror films.  It's not done.  So when it is... cool.  It was an easy way to pass an hour and a half. Tonight, I started out with an episode of Let's Make a Deal from 1970.  What. The. Hell? The costumes.  The crazy deals.  Not watching much in the way of contemporary television, I didn't know it had been revived.  Perry enjoyed it because he was able to say "Hey's that's the car I had, except mine was brown" every time a Vega was offered as a prize. Then I watched some commercials from December 30 1979, which balanced out Let's Make a Deal, since the commercials had been cut out.

 Tonight's movie was What's The Matter With Helen? (1971).  It's got Debbie Reynolds, Shelly Winters and Agnes Moorehead.  Debbie Reynolds doing a tango.  A little girl doing Mae West in a musical review.  Rabbit slaughter. It's excellent camp, when it was done as an in joke, laughing with rather than at.  I'm going to make a point of seeing more of director Curtis Harrington's work, most of which is covered by by 1979 cutoff date.