Sunday, February 22, 2015


I've not left the apartment the last few days because of the snow, I've gotten so stir crazy that tonight's movie didn't seem bad.

Flood, or as imdb and wikipedia put it, Flood!(1976), yes,  including the exclamation point.

Irwin Allen for television production values, cast of dozens.  It's bad.

Martin Milner plays the hero, the city councilman who knows the dam is going to break.

Robert Culp plays his flyboy pilot buddy.

Young Barbara Hershey plays Milner's girlfriend and daughter of the mayor, who know the dam will break as well, but won't do anything to spoil the fishing.

Roddy McDowell is there for the fishing.
Seriously, post credits helicopter pick up and drop off, with exposition about how the rain has flooded the lake... then he's gone.  Such a waste.

The problem with this particular disaster is a classic one:  water doesn't scale very well.  When the dam breaks and the waters start, it's not impressive.

Of particular joy for me were small appearances by Whit Bissell (Creature from the Black Lagoon) and Gloria Stuart (The Invisible Man, The Old Dark House, and, oh yeah, Titanic).