Sunday, December 28, 2014

... And That's The Way It Is.

Last night 's viewing:
 CBS Evening News 12.26.72  This was fascinating for three reasons: 1)  I'd happened upon it on December 26th, 2014 and I liked the symmetry of watching something on the anniversary it aired; 2) President Truman had just passed away and 3) had it happened now, even with the death of a President, the lead story would have been about the soccer team who survived in the Andes, thanks to CANNIBALISM!  It was a jaw dropping moment for me because it's always been an "always moment" for me.  Copies of Alive seemed to be everywhere.  But Walter Cronkite's revelation about the soccer players' survival diet lasted less than three minutes.  At the time of the broadcast, they'd only been rescued for three days.  

ABC Fall Preview 8.-.72 It's funny- I'm writing this less than twelve hours and while I was watching the preview, I certainly reacted, but nothing really stood out, except for one short segment about the Olympics, America was sending two teams- the atheletes and the ABC coverage.  This rang a chime in my head... '72 Olympics... why is that important? Thank you, wikipedia- it was the Munich Olympics.  It was like finding a commercial about the World Trade Center that aired in July 2001. While I was watching it, though... Perry and I had a "hey!" moment during the preview for Room 222- who didn't love Karen Valentine?  And I've resigned myself to my tv nerdom during the preview for Alias Smith And Jones I realized it was the third season by the presence of Dark Shadows' actor Roger Davis who came in mid-season 2 as a replacement for Pete Duel. Aside from the Olympic segment, the other sort of standout was the preview for a movie, The Haunts of the Very Rich, which looks like somekind of glorious disaster, featuring Lloyd Bridges, Cloris Leachman, Ed Asner, and Anne Francis.  Niether Perry nor I had even heard of it before, so I know what's going on tonight!  

The Night Stalker 1.11.72  Darren McGavin's first time out as Carl Kolchak.  I've seen it before (of course), and for some reason The Night Strangler appealed to me more (Seattle's Underground City and the presence of Oscar Goldman might have something to do with that.)  Still holds up though.  I missed the tv show in first run (I was only six or seven at the time), catching it on The CBS Late move- which was probably where I'd seen The Night Strangler as well. has the programming grids for the big three, laid out in a easier to read than wikipedia manner, so I'm bookmarking that page.  It'll come in handy.