Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nostalgia Time

There's something amusing about how the NBC Mystery Movie ended up as the CBS late movie. And something sad about how they're both sort of pop culture footnotes now. I think I could be quite happy if I kept my tech but didn't bother with any content pre... Oh, 79. Maybe as late as 84.

I'd keep the dvds and streaming stuff, I'm about to watch a 1973 episode of McMillan and Wife (s3e2 The Devil, You Say) on Netflix via the Wii right now.

Music wouldn't be too hard with oldies stations on Pandora.

Books would be easiest of them all. Not only are the original dead tree editions still available, but in keeping with the nostalgia plus tech, I could read Ellery Queen and Doc Savage on my smart phone.

This mood will pass. There'll be a new movie or show that'll catch my attention soon enough... Game of Thrones has a new season coming out in February.

(The McMilland and Wife episode is about a satanic cult in San Francisco in the early seventies... With all that it entails.)