Friday, December 26, 2014

When Captain America Throws His Mighty Shield

As part of my seventies diet, I'm going to enjoy some books from the era as well, starting with 1979's Marvel Comics' novel, Captain America: Holocaust for Hire.  It's been decades since I read it and it's... enjoyable.  Dated a little- disaster causing badguys are happy to accept one hundred thousand dollars for destroying a city.  I can't imagine Batroc even gets out of bed for less than half a million these days. 
If I recall correctly, "Holocaust" in the title is meant to be synonymous with "conflagration" rather than, oh... The Final Solution.   And since head badguy  is the Red Skull, there's just a little twinge that something is askew that it's not addressed.  Maybe I'm remembering wrong.  We'll see soon enough.