Monday, December 29, 2014

When John met Roy...

Last Night's Viewing:

Emergency 1.15.72 The Wedsworth-Townsend Act- the movie that started the show. I watched it on Netflix as two episodes, beginning with Gage and Desoto talking about "before" and the flashing back to an unspecified time in the past before the paramedic program existed- the title refers to the bill that would allow rescue personnel to perform medical procedures, things we take for granted like defibulators. The highlight of the episode was the guest appearance of Martin Milner and Kent McCord from Adam-12.

The Haunts of the Very Rich 9.20.72 A group of people on a holiday getaway that goes wrong, rather like a proto-Fantasy Island meets Lost. Lloyd Bridges gettin' it on with Cloris Leachman. Suspenseful and not totally dated in terms of story... except for things that were original in '72 seeming... familar now. Highlight: Robert Reed, aka Mike Brady, playing a very disillusioned priest.

Tonight's Viewing
NBC Fall Preview 1969-1970. Um. No standouts. Two hours later and I can't remember a single title worth tracking down. There were two celebrity driven shows- Debbie Reynolds doing Lucy and Bill Cosby playing a coach.
What's been nice about other preview show, and maybe this is a later development, is that they even included the upcoming movies for the season, network and theatrical.
WTVJ 6pm News 11.1.74 Utterly unremarkable local new, with commercials, except for the cringeworthy final segment about a dancer in a musical review- She's Black! Makes you realize how far we've come.

Sometime in the last few days:
Johnny Cash and Family Christmas Special 1978. With Steve Martin. So awful, I made it about 3.5 minutes before I turned it off You have been warned.