Friday, February 13, 2015

A New Car! The New Price is Right, Match Game '73 and Adam-12.

I've been away for a few days. I'm learning Russian - I finally got Rosetta Stone to work and that coupled with discovering Hulu has picked up Russian shows- including The Day After, a Russian zombie sci-fi thriller show that I watched all twelve episodes of.  I'm back on track now.

The New Price Is Right (2.14.73) Well, this episode was kind of odd- all the contestants were women, as opposed to the standard ninety-eight or so percent female contestants they usually have, on account it being Valentine's Day.  Bob gave a rose to each of them.  They do have some holiday inspired descriptions..."If you have a lovers quarrel you can go your separate these two cars!" They were 1973 Toyota  Corolla sedans.  So romantic.

Match Game '73 (11.12.73) was a little... surreal.  I mean, I never got Gene Rayburn.  I always had a mental disconnect about him. It was a treat to see Cass Elliot as a panel member.  She was promoting a television special, and it's nice to hear her say anything, including "hello." (She was awesome on Scooby Doo).

Oh.  I was playing along at home and I was getting some of the answers... they were given the clues "________ alley" and "__________cup".  My guesses were "Tin Pan" and "Loving" and I was right.  Perry found this amusing, as I was getting cultural references that are... let's say out of date and leave it at that.

I also watched a couple of episodes of Adam-12, mostly because we eat dinner in front of the television and it's mindless entertainment. Venice Division (10.10.73) was a little disturbing, as a young woman was getting obscene phone calls and the officers suggested that she close her curtains while exercising in a leotard.  The implicit slut shaming was disappointing in what I've found to be a pretty progressive show.
The procedural format was broken in Log 24: A Rare Occasion (2.14.70) when Reed has Molloy over for a cookout and they deal with a neighborhood kid who's gotten high.   It was worth watching for the wallpaper in Reed's house.