Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Something for Everyone

Holy cow.  How have I missed this gem?  "Something for Everyone" (1970) is a one of those movies where a stranger ingratiates himself with a rich family.  The stranger in this case is Michael York as Konrad, and the rich family is that of Countess Herthe von Ornstein, played- to the hilt- by Angela Lansbury. 

He'll do anything he has to get to live in the von Ornstein, including maim, kill and seduce.  In that order, actually.

York is coldly detached as a master manipulator, while Lansbury  is over the top, yearning for her lost glories.

It was directed by stage director Harold Prince, with a screenplay Hugh Wheeler, three time Tony Award winner, and score by John Kander, of Kander and Webb (Chicago, Cabaret), so there's more than just a little Broadway to it.