Monday, February 2, 2015

Chariots of the Gods

The well of the seventies's pseudoscience never seems to run dry.

1970's The Chariots of the The Gods is a special kind of magic, based on books by Erich Von Däniken, proposing that aliens have been visiting earth and influencing human development.

It's really a dreamy sort of movies, narrated in a droney, NPR sort of way, almost as a travelogue- here's Iraq, we go to the South Pacific, here in Mexico, in Egypt.  Lots of exposition about historical sites and how obviously humans couldn't have done (this) or (that) without help.

The treat is the soundtrack, it's this electronic, new agey Music from the Hearts of Space from German composer Peter Thomas.  It's so soothing, coupled with the narration,  I've actually fallen asleep watching this.

Ok, confession:  I use this to fall asleep.  Set the timer on the tv set,  so that it turns off automatically, and start the movie.  Better than Nyquil.