Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The 1971 Tonys

I'm needing something... light, distracting.  We've been running around for work and it's getting a little exhausting, so I type 1971 into the youtube search bar.
What from 1971?  There's ball games (baseball and football) and races and variety shows and... awards shows.
Holy cow.  Someone has uploaded whole award shows to youtube.
and... there's Tonys.
Tonight's choice was the 1971 Tony Awards (3.28.71).  Hosted by  Lauren Bacall, Angela Lansbury, Anthony Quayle, Anthony Quinn, it was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the award, so they did a year-by-year retrospective of Broadway musicals, often sung by the people who earned them the award.
The standout in the this stellar company is Yul Brenner doing Shall We Dance from The King and I with Patricia Morrison.