Sunday, February 1, 2015

It Happened At Lakewood Manor

Tonight's movie was It Happened At Lakewood Manor (12.2.77), something I hadn't even heard about until I discovered the list of natural horror films on wikipedia.  Ants.  Killer ants.
Myrna Loy owns a hotel with her grand-daughter, played by Lynda Day George.  It's under seige by killer ants.
It's that simple.
The "why?" is even simpler- pollution!
It's a basic nature amok, seige movie.
Suzanne Somers plays the girlfriend of a developer looking to buy the hotel.  She shows more character development in the 100 minutes of the movie than she did in all her seasons of Three's Company.
I surprised Perry because everytime Myrna Loy's character came on screen, I'd comment, a la MST3K, "I had a man flogged once," referring to The Mask of Fu Manchu.  He finally picked up on it and asked "is that Myrna Loy?  How old was she?".  Which at the time, she was 72.

That's one of the cool things about doing this... stars of the golden age were still active- like Gloria Swanson in Airport 1975.