Thursday, February 5, 2015


Shout Factory does dvd's.  They're famous right now for attempting to secure the rights to much of the original music that was used on WKRP in Cincinnati for the dvd release, something that had worried fans since the show had gotten chopped up during syndication as music rights lapsed.
Now, they've got into the streaming game, with a selection of their stuff- Dennis the Menace, Father Knows Best, MST3K, and many others- available for free on Shout Factory TV via Roku, computers and other devices.  It's a nice line up if you don't want to pay for the content through Hulu.

The biggest impact the announcement had on me was "hey, I haven't watched Dennis the Menace in decades."  Another piece of my syndicated childhood, I used to love that show- especially the imagery of child as whirlwind in the opening credits.