Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Death Of Ocean View Park

After watching Beyond The Bermuda Triangle, I wondered what sort of wackiness the kids at Playboy Productions got up to- besides "After Dark", that is- and tonight I was reminded with a rewatching of The Death of Ocean View Park (10.19.79) (I'd forgottten Hugh had produced it.)
Well.  It was everything a made for tv movie is meant to be.  Psychic omens.  Explosions.  Young Love.  Old Love.  Mannix.  That girl from "Soap".  And Oh My God, is that Martin Landau?

Really, it's the kind of thing they don't make anymore because they've become too clever, too tongue in cheek.  If it were made today, there'd be too much irony and bad self referential humor.  The strength of these movies is that everyone plays it straight.  The problem for me with films like Sharknado is that everyone's in on the joke, including the actors.

Before I watched the movie, I watched an episode of High Rollers (5.19.78).  I'd forgotten Alec Trebek was the host, and there was a greater emphasis on knowledge than I'd remembered.  But I hadn't forgotten the cool treadmill operation of the table, how the surface rolled back to retrieve the dice.  It's those little details that matter so much.