Sunday, January 11, 2015

All The President's Men

I've watched a lot of bad movies and I'm not even halfway through January, so I have to, I need to watch some good movies to balance out the Karma.  I decided I should start with something quintessentially Seventies- All The President's Men starring Robert Redford as Bob Woodard and Dustin Hoffman as  Carl Bernstein.

I saw it last in 1998 during the Warner Brothers 75th anniversary film festival and it *still* holds up as an impressive political thriller.

No need for synopsis, we called it "history class", right?  Ok- short one: Watergate.  Washington Post.  Nixon.

Redford plays Woodward.  They make it clear early on he hasn't been with the paper long, and he's still got some "gee-whiz" Mid-westerness in his system.   There's an old theater rule: "acting is reacting" and Redford has a bit early in the movie where he's making phone calls and he'd figuring out a pattern- he reacts wonderfully as he keeps getting a little higher on a hierarchy ladder, the widening of the eyes, the slight jaw drop.  Fun stuff.

Dustin Hoffman plays what can easily be described as "the Dustin Hoffman character."

I'm going to try and watch more of these non-genre seventies classics more often, but don't worry, I'll be getting around to Night of the Lepus eventually.