Thursday, January 22, 2015

Project UFO

After last night's movie, I needed something with a production budget.  Thank you, youtube, for helping me find Project UFO.
I started with the first episode- The Washington DC Incident (2.19.78), and it was like  rediscovering PopRocks.  My family would watch this show when I was a kid and I can see why we found it so fascinating- it's like Adam-12 meets the X-Files.  I try to avoid using a lot of contemporary slang, but this show is cracktastic.
Two Air Force officers travel the country each week investigating UFO sightings, with narration by Jack Webb, who also produced the show.  It's got a dry, just the facts, procedural feel that Jack Webb nailed with Dragnet, but there's Flying Saucers and Robots and freaky lights.

There's even an episode, The Pipeline incident (10.5.78), guest starring Randolph Mantooth, from Emergency, as a pilot who sees a UFO.   I like to think Webb had kind of an ensemble/stable of actors and and he'd bring them in, as needed.

Oddly, according to wikipedia, the show wasn't rebroadcast in the United States, except for a special episode showing on TV Land, at least as recently as 2010.  Perhaps this is a good thing, because given the nature of the show, it's a natural for fan-fiction writers.  The absence of the show explains the absence of the fanfic.
Thank heaven for small favors.