Monday, January 12, 2015

It's like being attacked by Gumby.

"The Crater Lake Monster" is another "how have I not seen this?" movie.  From Crown International Pictures- the poor man's AIP- this 1977 monster movie... it needs help.

There's an absurd subplot about two guys running a boat rental business that should have been cut.  Like in the script stage.  They're poor comic relief and detract from the bigger picture.

There's another subplot about a ABC store robber who's killed liquor store employees.

How difficult could it have been?  Small town, lake, college professors, meteor and killer dinosaur.

Lots of day for night shooting.  Without a blue filter.
Which is not just stupid, it's annoying, especially when the idea of "night" is expressed by someone saying how nice the stars look.  In the daylight.
But the monster in question is a stopmotion, clay-mation  pliosaurus.  Rather like being attacked by Gumby.

For the first time in a while, it feels like I'm doing penance rather than watching a movie.

(PS... I'm thinking I may have seen this.  Or started watching it.  Parts seem familiar, perhaps I've repressed the memory.)