Friday, January 9, 2015

How Strange

I'm watching the seventies tv movie Doctor Strange (9.6.78) based on the comicbook soon to be a motion picture starring Benedict Cumberbatch.  It's not bad, seriously dated, but it's got Jessica Walter as Morgan LeFay, so she's fun.
Special effects on par with the best of what BBC was doing at the time (cough*Doctor Who*cough) but because it was produced through Universal, it's got some polish.
 Peter Hooten plays a good variant on the comic's Stephen Strange, as a psychiatrist rather than a surgeon, he's still a doctor.  His girlfriend Clea from the comic book is his patient/ love interest Clea Lake, pawn of Morgan to get at the Ancient One, played by Englishman John Mills, father of Haley Mills, rather than the Asian Wise Man from the comics.
It's a good pilot, and it's a shame they didn't do anymore with it because it's got a great set up for series, bringing back Morgan as a cult leader.

What's really fun is sitting down and watching it again in a single go.  I've watched bits and pieces of it but tonight was the first time I've done that since... oh... 1978.
I remember watching this in the living room in my grandmother's apartment in Norfolk.

I've started a small collection of Seventies era Doctor Strange stuff- seen here:
Which is nothing compared to the fellow who has the Sanctum Sanctorum blog, his collection is phenomenal.