Friday, January 2, 2015

Life Before IMDB

We don't realize how well we have it.
You want to know about a movie these days, check out IMDB or Wikipedia. Back in the day, there were all sorts of guidebooks for movies.  Lots of black and white pictures and short synopsies of plots, with the director and a couple of leads lists.

Even then, they were more like wishbooks... you'd see a movie that looks interesting, then keep an eye out for it in the weekly newspaper listings. Back in the seventies when I'd watch the afternoon movie on WVEC-13, I'd always check the green-sheet, the listings guide in the Virginia Pilot/Ledger Star, every saturday- especially on weeks that ended with a Friday the 13th and Halloween- that's when they'd do a line up of horror movies.
(Another special week that they'd have was "Ape Week" when they would run the Planet of the Apes movies.) While I'm doing the retro project, I'd love to get to the Norfolk Public Library and check out the VP/LS fiche for a few of those Friday the 13th weeks. Fun thing about the Pictorial History of Science Fiction is- it's copyright 1975.
 Think about that for a moment.
Pre-Star Wars.
The only mention of George Lucas is THX-1138.  No mention of Steven Speilberg what-so-ever.

Imagine that.