Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Now We're Cookin'

One thing I've been missing lately is cooking shows.  I love that stuff.  Hells Kitchen.  Iron Chef.  Top Chef. 
But, all that's off the viewing diet.
Fortunately, Youtube to the rescue.
First, I watched Graham Kerr's The Galloping Gourmet (c. 1970).  I can't find a concrete date for the episode I watched but I have the book The Galloping Gourmet vol 4, and his recipe for the episode, Beer and Rump Pot Roast, is on page eighty-two. 

Actually, I have volumes one through four of his television cookbook.   Perry and I read cookbooks for fun.

I followed that up with the inaugural episode of  The French Chef with Julia Child.  I've seen the movie Julie & Julia, part biography, part blogger adventure, and that was pretty much my exposures to Julia Child.  French cooking, with all it's sauces and souffles, always seemed like voodoo to me, but she makes it accessable.  Her recipe for Boeuf Bourguignon seemed easy enough and she was kind enough to explain the Boeuf Bourguignon = Coq Au Vin, a French dish that initially intrigued me, then disappointed me when I discovered that it was Coq Au Vin, not cocoa-van.

For dessert, it was Barracuda, 1978.  Low budget eco-horror.  Barracuda are mutating because of a chemical plants dumping.  Hilarity ensues.  Good underwater photography.  A treat for me was recognizing a building in the background from the HG Lewis movie Two Thousand Maniacs, also filmed in the St Cloud area.
Because that's what I do.