Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Death in the Sky 1

I've included a number in the title of tonight's post because there are going to be more... because it was the seventies.
I'm doing a double feature of airplane movies tonight, starting with Mayday at 40,000 Feet(11.12.76).
Mayday's got the star studded cast featuring Don Meredith, Ray Milland and Marjoe Gortner.  Gortner plays a prison bound psycho named Greco flying from A to B.  When Greco's marshall escort has a heart attack, Greco grabs his gun and makes a bid for freedom (in a plane...) shooting wild and puncturing hoses that... leak plot fluid.  The captain's shot as well, so it's the whole "can we get there without the captain?" and when they get there, it turns into "can we land?".  They do.

Skyjacked!'s all star cast features Charlton Heston, Rosie Greer, Susan Dey and James Brolin as the movie's psycho. There's a bomb on board the flight that's part of Brolin's plan to skyjack the plane to Moscow.    The thing that strains my disbelief?  A pregnant woman orders a Bloody Mary, and the flight attendant doesn't think anything about it.

Charlton Heston plays Charlton Heston.

This will be fun to see just how many 1970's air plane thrillers there are.