Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Poseidon Adventure

Another  I haven't seen this one before...
Somehow.  I was on a disaster film kick a couple of summers ago and we watched Towering Inferno, Earthquake, and many (many, many) lesser disasters but I we missed The Poseidon Adventure (1972). 
I've seen one of the remakes (terrorists capsize the ship, the SEALS save them) and author Paul Gallico wrote another novel that was turned into one of my childhood favorites (The Three Lives of Thomasina), and I'm glad I finally got around to seeing it.

Eight Academy award nominations.  Prior to seeing "What's the Matter With Helen?"  I can't think of any Shelly Winters movies that I've seen, and prior to that I knew her best as a Joan Rivers' punchline.  I'm definitely going to check out her other movies on the strength of her Academy Award nominated performance as Mrs Rosen.

The rest of the cast was pretty by the numbers- Gene Hackman is determined, Ernest Borgnine is grumpy.  The one cast member I'm glad bought it early was the Captain, played by Leslie Neilsen.  Because of his self parody later in his career, all his steely, determined seriousness was hard to watch, waiting for the sight gag or punchline.
I'm glad it paid his bills, but I'm not sure how many of his older films I can watch because of it.

The effects.  Well.  Capsizing a ship and turning the ship's two story dining room UPSIDE DOWN was a pretty neat trick.  My head fairly exploded trying to conceptualize how they did it- a life size set, on a gimble?  Astounding.

The one downside to watching it was that Perry's decided he's never, never, never going on a cruise.