Sunday, January 4, 2015

Squeeky? Really? Gavrillo Princip, THERE'S a name!

It's one of those things that's just on the otherside of my recall barrier- The Ford Administration.  I knew about it, I *think* there may have even been a mock election Ford v Carter at my elementary school. 

But Carter, with those teeth- and peanuts!- was the first President that I really remember.  At seven, I guess that's not too bad, considering all I had to think about at the time was The Little Rascals and Batman.

So whenever I learn something about President Ford, it's usually something I learned before, like in high school government class, but it doesn't really stick.

 When I was watching tonight's news- KOVR Action News from 11/21/75-  I was reminded about the wacky antics of Lynette Fromme.  And by wacky antics, I mean assassination attempt on President Ford.  For Manson. Insane.


 That was all I watched tonight.  Work kicked it up a notch, yes, even on a saturday night. -- I've been trying to get an approximate when for something and then I realized the when occurred when Ronald Reagan was shot... and now that I'm pondering that, I realized another when occurred when Spider-Woman was on TV... so using those events to place when my grandparents were living in specific places, why are my memories of their apartment from my first ten years so vivid?  My grandparents moved from an apartment in Ghent to one on Little Creek Road, then to a condo by the Navy Base. I remember watching Spider-Woman on Little Creek, which ran from September 79 to January 80.  So, in that window, or before they moved from Gates Avenue to Little Creek Rd. Then factor out time we didn't live in Tidewater during my first ten years, then cognitively, I was only really familiar with Gates Ave for say... seven years.  Damn.  It was then I became a hard core reader - I still have a bookshelf she painted and decoupaged that she allowed me to keep my books on at her apartment.

I'm getting rambly and nostalgic... time for bed.