Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Horror...

Even if I've not seen all the movies, I've heard of a great many of the classics.  But somehow I never heard about Nightmare at 37,000 Feet.
I'm glad I've seen it because I've loved Tammy Grimes in pretty much anything I've seen her in, with that purr of a voice I learned to love while listening the CBS Radio Mystery Theatre.  Then there's Shatner.
William...  Shatner... as a disillusioned... former... priest.  But someone has to be the counterbalance to Grimes as... it's not totally clear- she's sort of a Druid.  Being the seventies, lumps Druidism in with Satanism... because I guess to the man on the street, the horned god of the hunt and Ol' Scratch were practically synonymous.

The best part of watching it?  Now that I've seen it, I never need to see it again.