Wednesday, January 28, 2015


After watching Snowbeast the other day, I decided it would be fun to watch some other bigfoot stuff from the era.

I started out with In Search Of (4.28.77).   It actually made my head hurt.  There was a hunter, and he'd decided to hunt the bigfoot with a camera- but there was a bigfoot scholar who wouldn't take anything less than an actual body- living or otherwise, he'd be ok with a corpse.  Apparently science was different in the seventies.

I followed it up with "Bigfoot"(70).
It's really, really bad.  Bigfoots are kidnapping women to breed.
John Carradine plays a huckster, trapper while Christopher Mitchum plays the boyfriend of one of the captured women.

The more I watched, the worse it got.
The bigfoots were ape costumes.  Not modified ape costumes, but just ape costumes.

It does, however, have the best wikipedia entry ever.

I had to clear my palate after watching that, but not by much, so I gave Creature from Black Lake(76) a try.  I've had good luck with other movies whose titles include the words "creature", "from", and "black."

Yeah.  It didn't work.
How bad is it?  It doesn't have a wikipedia entry, it's that bad.
Granted, I should have known, just looking at the first few minutes that these would have been stinkers. 

 I think I'm going to watch a couple of chapters of The Crimson Ghost to make the pain go away.